Hints on Hunts in Second Life

What are hunts?

So everyone loves free and cheap quality things, right?

People put together 'hunts' for predetermined objects in SL which can be placed across a store, sim, or the whole grid. The premise is to find the object at each location participating in the hunt, and then you get an item which that store produced (usually on-par quality wise with the full priced items).

How to find hunts

To find out what hunts are on now, visit huntsl.com. Current hunts are in a bar on the right side of the page a little ways down. Upcoming hunts are below the current hunts. There are all kinds of themes, so pick what interests you.

Note: There are hunts that are not published on that website. These you find by posters at your favorite stores, word of mouth, or other web pages.

To open a hunt, click it. There will be an slurl or a web page in it. If there is a web page, I recommend going to it since it will have all the stops in the hunt, usually with slurls in case you get stuck at one particular stop. The web page also has all the stop hints in one place.

Area Search

You can open area search to make hunting easier, generally once you tp to the first stop. Generally, area search is located in the 'World' menu on third party viewers. The official SL viewer does not have an area search.

There are several ways to use area search in a hunt. You can mix and match which ways you prefer, and which ways work best for the specific hunt.

Ways to Use Area Search

One way is to search by name. To do this, click 'find' once you have opened area search, and then type in part of the name of the hunt. Also, it is common for hunt objects to be named with the initials of the hunt, for example 'Example Hunt' would use 'EH' on most of their objects.

Another way is to search by price. To do this select 'filter' from the area search menu and set a range on 'For Sale Between'. If you know the exact amount the hunt costs from the web page or hunt poster, you can set both fields to the same value for faster results. This method also thwarts any renaming of the hunt object when used alone.

A third method is to use the description field. This field can be found in the 'find' tab of area search. It is useful to use this field because sometimes hunt organizers will change the 'name' of objects, but keep the description field the same (i.e. any hunt put on by demon). There are also certain keywords that sometimes get put in this field. For example, if a hunt uses a script to count how many people have bought the item, the word 'clicks' might appear in this field.

A fourth method is to just click 'find' and then click 'search' without entering anything in the fields. You can then sort this list however you like by clicking the headers on the 'list' tab. This allows you to see everything within the area you have searched (usually your draw distance, but not always) and look for abnormal names (like toast in a clothing store). This method can be time consuming, but it is helpful.

Sometimes hunt organizers are tricky and try to make it so you cannot use some of the above methods by using a script to sell the item. The work around for this is at times time consuming. On the 'filter' tab in area search, there is a drop down menu for 'mouse click action'. Select pay from this menu. Most selling scripts require the object they are selling to be set to pay, so in some stores this will display all vendors in the store, but in others it will only display the item you're looking for.

The most reliable method for most hunts is to figure out the creator of the hunt object, which may not be the same as the creator of the hunt sign. To do this, you need to find one of the items in the hunt. Once you've found it, right click the object and select edit. The creator is on the general tab. Place part or all of the creator's username (not the display name) in the 'creator' field in area search.

Little Hints:

-It takes time to rez everything, even if you set your graphics quality to low prior to beginning

-It is recommended that you do set your graphics quality to low prior to starting a hunt

-Wearing primarily system layer clothing reduces lag for some people during hunts. It also reduces the chances you'll end up naked by accident because a tp went wrong.

-Your area search is limited, so you may have to walk around the store a little bit for it to find what you are looking for.

-Never contact the creator of a particular store. It is impolite to ask for hints about where the object is hidden or to complain about the difficulty. It is also impolite to complain about the hunt present. The only exception to this is to say thank you if you find something you love.

-If and only if your viewer begins to display a 'textures discarded' message should you clear cache

-Reading the hints may help you focus your search a little bit and make the area search more efficient.

-If you are unsure where something is, and too close for double clicking the item on the list to display a red arrow for you (under 4m), checking 'show beacons' will put up a frame around all objects on the list for you to look at.

-Be kind to your fellow hunters, but do not call locations of objects out in public venues, to include local and group chat.

-Always check for decoys to ensure that you get the 'real' prize

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