SL Newbie Things

Under 30 Day List
This is a list of designers who offer outfits, avatars, hair, and so on for avatars under 30 days old (in some cases, under 60 days). 
  1. Go to
  2. Click the SURL (the link at the end of each entry)
  3. Find the box/vendor/whatever mentioned in the description
  4. Repeat
The Under 30 day list is a good place to collect a number of items to experiment with, so grabbing them all is a good idea.

Midnight Manias, Lucky Boards, and Group Gifts
There are a number of ways to get good quality stuff in SL without having to pay through the ear for it. Midnight Manias, lucky boards, and group gifts operate on the basis of loyalty. Many require being a member of the store group or one of the many freebie groups in SL.
  • Some store groups do have a fee, ranging from 1L to keep the bots out to a couple hundred L
  • Not every group offers monthly group gifts
  • Some groups offer other benefits, like exclusive midnight mania or lucky boards
Midnight Manias
How it works:
  1. Hit a board in a store
  2. If that board gets the required number of hits by midnight SLT, the item will be sent out
  3. If not, try again the next day
  4. There are some boards that are set up to 'push' the gift out when they get the required number of hits, rather than waiting until midnight
Lucky Boards 
How they work:
  1. Boards are set up with one prize on them
  2. The board is then set to a specific letter, and reset to a different letter after a specific number of minutes
  3. If the username (what's used to sign into SL) matches the board, the prize is sent
Group Gifts
How they work:
  1. Become a member of a group for a store
  2. Watch the group for notices in the first half of each month saying when the group is ready
  3. Go to the store and click the gift board to receive the gift
  4. Try for a list of ideas of stores to go to 


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