Monday, January 30, 2017

The Power of Timing

Timing is everything, at least for a good many things. Time a phrase wrong, and people think you're weird. Time an announcement wrong, and the whole thing goes downhill. Time a photo wrong, and it comes out to a blur. Time things right though, and no one notices.

In Second Life, timing makes all the difference too. From pictures where the lighting isn't just right to working in clubs with strict time constraints on notices, people take note. Then there's the stuff with people. Breakups are a particular subject where timing makes the difference between being cast out of a group of friends wholly and keeping the relationships that matter.

Photo references:
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: Mangomoon Kensi
Ears: Mandala Skeking
Eyes: Fate
Makeup: Sn@tch Underworld
Hair: Lamb. Only You
Clothing: Emerald Couture Traditional Words Dress, Roped Passion Nalani Rune Hand Jewelry
Pose: Exposeur Classic Elegance
Sim: Astralia

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