Monday, July 18, 2016

Nerd in a Virtual World

I fully admit to being a nerd, and at times a geek too. It's just part of me, and I have the random bits of knowledge and obscure TV series to go with it. In the real world, it's not quite as easy to pick people out. After all, TV quotes don't always fit into professional conversation, or even unprofessional conversation.

When we wander into a virtual world, we get all kinds of interesting features. I have a friend who dedicated a whole page on her public profile to Firefly quotes, for example. It's also easier to bring up in text. Since people in SL tend to talk about anything and everything under the sun, it comes up in conversation more even though people can't see the (in my case) glasses. It's difficult to feel awkward when you're pretty sure the person on the other end watches a fair bit of TV too.

Photo references:
Body: Maitreya Lara Skin: Mangomoon Kensi Ears: Mandala Skeking
Eyes: Fate Makeup: Sn@tch Underworld  Hair: Magika Rewind
Clothing: Virtual Attire Heart and Soul
Sim: My home  Prop and Pose: Exposeur

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