Thursday, June 30, 2016

Music in a Virtual World

Music is about as close to a universal language as humans are probably going to get to anytime soon. Music conveys emotion and concepts better than a thousand words could. Those carry over into the virtual world as well, possibly more so since there's less to judge on. There's three main different types of music in SL, when it comes down to it.

First there's the radio music, the kind that's just set to lands that no one really monitors. Then there's the stuff that goes in on clubs. Clubs come in all shapes and sizes, and most attempt to keep to a genre of music. Most clubs don't run 24/7 and revert to radio in off hours. DJs usually play prime time in SL and expand from there. It's fun to go to the sets, usually local chat has something or another interesting besides. Sometimes it's even fun to test the DJs with particularly obscure requests. Then there's live music, where folks come on and sing. Popularity and draw generally influence where they perform, with the more popular taking places in venues specializing all live music.

I personally am not always the biggest fan of live music in SL. Sometimes it just flat out doesn't do it for me. DJs are fun, but of course vary wildly in what they do specifically. Some just run the songs end to end, while others smooth out transitions and are very witty on air. The generic radios though I rarely listen to, since I can simply run my own music and skip around as I like. Any atmosphere must also be weigh the people contributing though, and that alone can make anything interesting.

Photo references:
Body: Maitreya Lara Skin: Mangomoon Kensi Ears: Mandala Skeking
Eyes: Fate Makeup: Sn@tch Underworld  Hair: Soonsiki Treasure
Clothing: Oddworld Clothing Salsa Rhythm, Needful Pixel Music Notes Jewelry
Sim: Serenity Gardens  Pose: Exposeur

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