Sunday, May 8, 2016


Sometimes, I decide that I need a wander outside of where I normally go in SL. I like my normal spots of course, but there are many places that I would never see if I never typed random words into the search box.

In this case, I looked for somewhere pretty and rustic to suit my mood. This is just one sim I visited over the night. There is peace in beauty, and beauty in peace, especially when it's solitary.

There are so many sims around SL that a lot of people put hours into that really are breathtaking, it's a matter of finding them, being willing to jump out of the comfort zone of the familiar clubs and clans and homes.

Photo references: Body: Maitreya Lara Skin: Mangomoon Kensi Ears: Mandala Skeking
                            Eyes: Fate Makeup: Sn@tch Underworld
                            Hair: Magika Mint Clothing: Sn@tch Laced Sweaters; Sn@tch Serene Mermaid
                            Sim: Quinetessential Designs

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